Monthly Archives: December 2010

Portrait Session: Kelly & Friends

Last week, I went out to Lake Fayetteville to do some group shots of some friends from high school (well, some before then). The snow held off, the rain held off, yet, sadly, the pile of dog “mess” I stepped in did not hold off. But, it was a short, sweet session, and they all had a good time. Here are a few, and you can see more here on Flickr.

Help-Portrait NWA 2010

Some days I don’t get much done. Some days I get a lot done. And some days I do something I don’t usually do, but for a good reason. This past Saturday was one of those days.

I spent Saturday morning and afternoon at a Help-Portrait location in Fayetteville. Help-Portrait is an international movement of photographers who donate their time, energy, money, and services to people who cannot afford to have their portraits made. From Berlin to Tokyo, Dallas to Bangalore, and even from Fayetteville to Rogers, photographers worldwide held events on Saturday to give the gift of portraits to the impoverished. It is a fascinatingly simple concept: 1) Find someone in need. 2) Take their portrait. 3) Print their portrait. 4) Deliver it to them. I cannot think of a better and more helpful way to spend an ordinary Saturday in December.