Monthly Archives: October 2011

WAC’s Digging Up Arkansas | NWA Event Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I shot a small performance for the Walton Arts Center. Their Digging Up Arkansas series travels around the state to perform for young students and try to teach them about Arkansas history. I took some photos for them to update their marketing materials with–and I must say, these guys were good and got the kids involved! Shooting kids is fun (please don’t take that out of context…), especially when a) they don’t know you’re there, or b)when they know you’re there but forget about it easily. I had to be silent, quick, and had to move around so that they never knew where I was in order to get most of these candid shots. Fun stuff!   Image taken for the Walton Arts Center by Stephen Ironside.

His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche | NWA Event Photographer

This past weekend, the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas hosted His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche, a high ranking Tibetan Buddhist Monk from Bhutan from the Kagyu lineage. A recognized reincarnation of an 18th century master, His Holiness gave teachings on Saturday at Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville. On Sunday, he consecrated the newly built (and almost finished) Land of Infinite Bliss retreat center that has been built by the TCIA near Crosses, Arkansas, and in the afternoon gave a Vajrapani initiation. It’s always refreshing to see a happy monk–and happy he was! You can view event details here. Below are a few images. You can see more on my proofing site:  

Image by Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography.

5th Annual NWA Center for Equality Ball | NWA Event Photographer

On Saturday night I photographed the NWA Center for Equality‘s 5th Annual Equality Ball at the Center for Nonprofits in Rogers, AR. People of all creeds, colors, backgrounds, and sexual orientations were there in hopes of spreading the message of equality for all, especially the LGBTQ community. It was quite an event (with some great food, thanks to The Main Event), complete with Sarah Warbelow, HRC State Legislative Director, as the guest speaker. Congrats on a successful event! You can see (and purchase) photos from the night here. A portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the center.  

Announcement: Fall Mini Sessions!

Hey guys! Here’s a deal you can’t pass up. Do you want a quick family (or individual or couple) portrait you can send out as holiday cards or give as gifts? Here is your chance! Fall mini sessions will be held Saturday, November 12th in Rogers, AR, and Sunday, November 13th in Fayetteville, …

Avril & Josh’s Big Day | NWA Wedding Photographer

About a month ago, I shot Avril and Josh’s wedding here in Fayetteville. It was a small, intimate ceremony held in the field at her mother’s house, and was a perfect fit for everyone. The same man that married Avril’s parents married her and Josh, with a nice, unusual ceremony full of Mark Twain quotes, a two-person bridal party, and even ended with Avril accidentally putting Josh’s ring on the wrong hand! Every wedding has its quirks like that — you gotta love it. Congrats again, Avril and Josh, and thanks for making me part of your big day.   Catering by Little Bread Co. of Fayetteville.