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Engaged: Alyse & Robert | NWA Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the PLEASURE of shooting Robert and Alyse’s engagement on the Fayetteville Square during the Lights of the Ozarks. I had never done an engagement shoot while the lights were up, so I gave them a bonus engagement session on top of the more outdoorsy one we’ll do this spring. Robert and Alyse are getting married in Eureka Springs on July 7th, and they totally deserve it. Here’s a link to the images on The Wedding Post of Arkansas!   Image (c) 2012 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (16)

A Very Chilly Painty Shoot | Happy V-Day!

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I’ve been waiting to post these images for a while. I figured that V-Day was the perfect day for me to post images from a photoshoot I did with Darby, my lovely bride, as a model with the painting expertise of B. Gutierrez. It was a frigid day in December, and the paint cracked far too soon, but Darby held her own and did a great job. Here are a few images from that shoot. I know, I know. I’m lucky she’s mine. Image (c) 2011 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (9)

Engaged: Aaron & LeAnne | NWA Wedding Photographer

On Christmas Eve, I was lucky enough to shoot Aaron and LeAnne’s engagement photos in downtown Jonesboro. LeAnne had scouted out a parking garage with some great colored walls, and we spent a couple of hours getting some great shots. With my lovely wife assisting, this was a fun way to share some love on Christmas Eve! Aaron and LeAnne are getting hitched this July. Can’t wait for the bridals! Here is a link to the images featured on The Wedding Post of Arkansas.  

A Monk Teaching Non-violence and an Opera Performance | NWA Event Photographer

In early January I photographed two small events at the University of Arkansas. Geshe Dakpa Topgyal came to speak about non-violence in a Students for a Free Tibet and Associated Student Government sponsored event at Giffels Auditorium in Old Main. Sarah Mesko, a UA Honors College Alum, had a homecoming performance in the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall sponsored by the John Harrison Opera Foundation. Two very different events with very different images — but I thought I’d share them both with you today. Image (c) 2012 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (5)

Kemper’s Newborn Photos | NWA Newborn Photographer

A few weeks ago I shot little baby Kemper’s newborn images (after I shot his parents here and him in the oven here). It was a great, straightforward, relaxed session — as usual! Since I prefer shooting on location, I brought my lights, camera, and self to the clients home. When baby was sleepy and momma was relaxed, we began the session. Doing it this way lets me wait out the fuss and mess of bringing babies to a new scary place at just a week old. Baby gets hungry? Go feed! Baby starts crying? Go put him in his OWN crib or do whatever you do to calm him! The parents enjoy it more, the newborns are more relaxed, and, an added bonus, I get to capture a new little face in familiar surroundings. This is a family’s home…often their first! This environment deserves to be captured more than studio backdrops and props. This session is more valuable than that. It’s just how things are done at Ironside Photography, I guess. He’s gonna be one tough little dude.   Image (c) 2011 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (6)

Late to the Blog Party: November Mini Sessions | NWA Portrait Photographer

This post SHOULD have come last year. But, things always get in the way, don’t they? Last November I ran a quick “mini-session” special, where I had multiple time slots available throughout the day and offered 30 minute portrait sessions at a reduced price. It was a fun couple of days! Here are some photos from the sessions.(And of course I had to snap a quick one of my lovely wife while she was being a great assistant…one of my favorite photos of her!)

Image (c) 2012 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (10)