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A few weeks ago, I tagged along with Mark and Dana of Stone Ridge Photographers on an interesting shoot. A couple wanted to do something a little different for their engagement photos…so they had their friends dress up as zombies! This was a great shoot. I was there to practice shooting some video. It was my first time to really shoot video with the D3s, and my first time editing video as well. Hopefully I didn’t do too poorly for a rookie! Here are a couple of my still images from the shoot, and you can watch the video below.

U of A Dark Sky Discussion

Last Sunday I photographed an event for the University of Arkansas Honors College. An honors student had put together an event to explore the effects of light pollution on our view of the starry skies, with a discussion at Hog Haus and some sky meter testing afterwards. The clouds were out in full force, so even though the “star” portion of the event was a bust, the attendees had a good time. The next night, the college showed the film The City Dark, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Environmental Film Fest at Yale and the Jury Prize for Best Score/Music at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival. The film’s creator, Ian Cheney, was there to speak as well. It was a fun event! Here’s the press release.  This event made me love the low-light capabilities of my camera. I sometimes forget how good it is. Some of these were at ISO 6400 and higher!

Woolsey Wetland Prairie Prescribed Burn

I took some photos at a prescribed burn at the Woolsey Wetland Prairie next to the West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant off of Broyles Road in Fayetteville on Tuesday. The burn helps bring back native plant species instead of invasive plants. It was quite the fire!   Here are some images. More here. Image (c) 2012 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (14)

Greg Leding Campaign Photos | NWA Commercial Photographer

A few weeks ago, on a very windy day, I had the pleasure of photographing Arkansas state representative Greg Leding (D-Fayetteville). He was looking for some photos of himself for his reelection campaign. We went to some Fayetteville landmarks such as the U of A campus (which was under heavy construction — not too great for photos), Dickson Street, and the Square. Greg was pleased and had some very kind words after he saw the images:
The photos are amazing, Stephen. Thank you. I’ve never been excited about pictures of myself… I think they all look fantastic. Is it okay to start using them? Again, I’ve never actually wanted to use any photo of me, so the fact that I’m excited and eager to use them is amazing. Thank you again. I’ve received a lot of compliments, so thanks again. One of the pictures I like the most, though, has received the most comments. It’s the one of me sitting on the train, looking down, with my hands out in front of me. I remember I was just kind of talking to myself, and I happen to talk using my hands quite a bit, and you snapped a few. I love the shot. I think it’s one of the most casual and spontaneous. One friend, though, said I look like I’m making invisible pottery. Another said it looks like I’m petting an invisible dog. It’s still one of my favorites. I’ve been using it as my Facebook personal profile pic.
Just the response I love to hear. I love taking pictures, but I love happy clients even more. Best of luck on your reelection, Greg! Image (c) 2012 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (2)