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Continuing Education: After Dark 2013

I spent this past week in St. Louis, Missouri, attending a big photography workshop called After Dark Education. I had been asked by a great local photographer to be one of about 50 assistants at the workshop, so, of course, I said yes.(THANKS MELANIE!) Around 500 people from across the country attended for a week of hands on education about lighting, posing, business practices, and more. And, as the name “After Dark” implies, most of the good stuff happened well after midnight…so all normal sleep schedules went out the window. But, it was definitely a blast — I met a lot of great people, saw a lot of great photographers showing how they do what they do, and came back having learned a lot. Can’t wait to start implementing all of it! Most attendees took a lot of photos at each class, but I decided to take a step back and set the camera down so I could take notes and absorb the info from the classes. I did get to go to the Arch one night, and I snagged a few behind the scenes and Instagram shots…so here they are! Image (c)2013 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (21) Image (c)2013 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (20)

Help-Portrait Seniors 2013

On Saturday, we held another Help-Portrait event for high school seniors in Fayetteville. With five photographers shooting over 20 students, it was a great day and we saw a lot of smiles! The seniors event serves as a refresher and motivator for the big event in December. Huge thanks to Fayetteville High School for hosting us this year! Can’t wait until the next one! Image (c)2013 Stephen Ironside / Ironside Photography (2)