Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Importance of Your Network


This past month has flown by. Such a busy August, and September has shown no signs of slowing down. And, for some reason, today I’m thinking about one thing: how important it is to have a great network of people around you.

As a freelance photographer, I’m always in need of help. Help answering questions about pricing, contracts, equipment, locations, and so much more. Sometimes I need an assistant, sometimes I need to know what a location looks like before I get there. There’s no one book, no one website, no one person that has all of the answers. I might be a “one man show,” but that doesn’t mean I don’t or can’t rely on others to help keep my passion and my career not only alive, but thriving.

So, here are some tips I have on how to build and maintain relationships with other like-minded and helpful individuals who can help you succeed.

Seattle Portrait 2-1