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Study Abroad Travel (b)Logs

Until I can find a better way of putting these on here, here are the links to my recent study abroad blogs. Click here to go to the blog I kept while studying Tibetan culture in India and Nepal during the fall 2008 semester through Students in International Training.

Heartwood Gallery, Part 1

Just a note–I got a call today from Anita at the Heartwood Gallery in Fayetteville saying that they’d accepted me and had a spot available to display. Heartwood Gallery is a small, quaint, interesting little gallery/co-op that is pretty lacking in the photography arena, so hopefully I’ll be there to …

New Cards + Gallery Shot

So just a small bit of news–I’ve got some new business cards coming soon (thanks to Zach, again), and I’ve hung my exhibition at the Julie Wait Designs gallery in Rogers. The reception is on Friday, January 15th (that’s next Friday) from 6-8, so you should be there! …

Inaugural Book Review: Scott Kelby’s “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1”

For Christmas this year, I got about a million photo books. This has prompted me to start doing mini-reviews. Hope you like them. I finished Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1 in a few days, though it could easily be finished in one if you don’t have much to do. The reason this was such a quick read was two-fold: I knew most (but not all) of what was in it, and each page covers a different topic–a blurb about this, a blurb about that, and so on. It’s easy to read a few pages, set it down, and pick it up later without having to remember where you left off. The book doesn’t go into too much detail in any one area, but the details that are included are valuable. To the seasoned photographer, it’s a quick review (f/11 is a sweet spot for group portraits, and be sure to check the “blinkies”), while for the novice the tips may be overwhelming the first time through–but quite useful on the second.   The book is divided into eleven chapters, with almost every one having “pro” in the title: Shooting Sports Like a Pro, Shooting People Like a Pro, Taking Travel & City Life Shots Like a Pro, Shooting Lanscapes Like a Pro, etc. Kelby, through his short tips and sometimes overly-witty humor, tries to bring home that everyone can be a professional photographer (note the “Great for point-and-shoot digital camera owners, too!” quip on the cover) if they begin to think like one–and follow his advice. The subtitle on the cover, in fact, states that the book is full of “step-by-step secrets for how to make your photos lok like the pros’!” This says who he’s aiming towards: amateurs, advanced-amateurs, and maybe even pros who want a quick skim and a few refreshers.

And we’re live in 3…2…

So, Zach and I are almost ready to launch this new website. Here are the most recent updates from the old site to kick off this blog. May it prosper, yadda yadda yadda.