Symphony of Northwest Arkansas | NWA Music Photographer

A while back, I had the opportunity to photograph a dress-rehearsal for the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas. Usually when I photograph musical performances, I’m not allowed to wander around on stage, so this was particularly fun. I always like photographing music, be it classical or otherwise, since it feels kind of natural to me. Having been in band from 7th grade until I graduated high school, and being a percussionist on top of that, I always feel very aware of the different beats, when things are about to get louder or softer, etc., and can anticipate when the best shots will occur, when I should stop shooting when the music gets quiet so I don’t disturb the audience, and even when the conductors’ hands will be in a visually appealing position. Always a fun challenge! We’ve got a great group here in NWA, so if you’re into classical music, check out SoNA!  

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