Wakarusa 2011: Day 4

Sunday at Wakarusa is always the slowest day. Many people (at least the ones who had to work on Monday) left early that morning, at noon, or at night, depending on where they had to drive to. I would have gone home, except I wanted to stay until 8pm and see the legendary Toots and the Maytals. Of course, it was still hot, but in the afternoon a little bit of rain popped up and wetted down some of the dust. It was much needed. Sun + rain = mmmm. In the morning, I went to the Satellite stage and photographed the drum circle. Later, I caught a few bands–Benjamin del Shreve (from Fayetteville), then the insanely costumed band Here Come the Mummies, then Mat McHugh from The Beautiful Girls. After that, I took a few more shots around the venue, packed up, then shot a little bit of Toots and the Maytals and headed home. Oh, and I bet you want to hear about the bear. Ha! In the afternoon on Sunday, when there weren’t any bands I wanted to see, I decided to take my hammock a little bit out into the woods (only about 200 feet from the campsite) and take a nice afternoon nap. It was hot, but needed. Suddenly, I wake up. I turn my head. There is a (I think) fully grown black bear standing about TWO FEET away from me, staring me down. Obviously, this is not something happy to wake up to. I remembered that for black bears you’re supposed to ‘get big’ and loud to scare them away, so I did. I’m glad no one else was there to see that part — I kind of felt like something from Where the Wild Things Are. The bear headed towards the media campsite, so I went through the woods and cut it off and scared it away again. I then ran to my car, got my camera, and ran back to where he was and grabbed a few shots. It was trying to get some food or something in a tent. Bad news bear! Overall, Wakarusa 2011 was great. Sure, it was hot. But there were so many good bands and good people (and good people watching) that it made it all right. And, hopefully, I got some great shots.   Can’t wait till next year.   (See more here on Flickr.)  

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